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Helping Keep Your Family Healthy.

Founded by Dr. Dean Filipowicz, West Coast Veterinary Surgical started as a mobile, small animal, specialty surgical practice created to provide accessible and consistent, superior care to the companion animals of the San Francisco Bay Area. Now based out of its hospital in Palo Alto, the surgeons of West Coast remain dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary surgical expertise supported by the most advanced, innovative, and modern equipment. Consultations, procedures, and rechecks are now offered at their conveniently located, newly renovated 24hr facility.

When not seeing cases in Palo Alto, Dr. Filipowicz and the surgeons of West Coast continue to provide coverage throughout the Bay Area. They travel to your family veterinarian’s clinic to consult with you as a pet owner and to work with your veterinarian to determine the best treatment for your companion. If surgery that requires or benefits from advanced training is indicated, Dr. Filipowicz and his team will provide the instrumentation and expertise at a location already familiar to you and your pet.

RingoaccentWe understand that your pet is part of your family. When you come to West Coast, he or she will be treated as part of ours.

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